How I created a card game with Svelte

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It’s kinda a tradition for me to use my Christmas holidays for a fun little project. Since Svelte became more and more a thing, so I wanted to do try it in practice myself. I also heard that SvelteKit is pretty popular in the community, so I decided to is as a framework. Because I already knew Vercel from previous side projects, I was very happy that it is supporting deploying SvelteKit projects. Vercel is awesome, because you don’t have to care too much about publishing web apps. I just had to put my code on GitHub and connect it to Vercel. Each time when I push to the main branch, a new version will also be deployed automatically. Vercel also allows me to use my own sub-domain, so I could use I also created my game as a Progressive Web App (PWA), what makes it look and behave like an installable app, it even works offline!

How the looks the PWA on a phone. The app supports light and dark mode!

You can see it on the sub-domain, I later called my project “Skip it!” and it is a card game you can play anywhere. On your phone, on your computer and on your tablet. If you know the card game “Skip-Bo”, you could probably guess, how you can play my game. I chose to create a clone of Skip-Bo because I sometimes play it with my family and also enjoyed playing the iPad app a while ago. Through the iPad app I found out how addicting and fun the game can be and the game-play might be simple enough to create it with my skills in web technologies.

Skip it! also looks good on iPads and tablets

The developer experience using SvelteKit and Svelte was awesome! For years I primarily use React for my projects. I actually felt a little nostalgic, because I wrote actual HTML again, instead of JSX (no more className) and handling states is way more straightforward. I also use Svelte’s feature for scoped stylesheets. In previous projects I normally use SCSS and create global stylesheets. In Skip it! I switched to component-scoped architecture. Benefit is, you automatically just keep CSS, you will actually use, because the code-editor will underline unused CSS rules.

With the right browser (Chrome, Edge) you can also install PWAs on PCs.

Right now you can play against 3 players. I also thought about if you could play against real players. There are multiple ways to realise such realtime actions. Maybe I will implement it next holidays. 😅