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I now added Webpack and more! Take a look at the update at the end of the article.

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Since I decided to shut down WordPress I was looking for a solution, how I could still run this blog and also be able to post new content. So I dived deeper to the topic. I already heard of Static Site Generators, of course. But never used one.

Someone recommended me to use 11ty, so I'm currently playing around with it a bit. It's pretty easy to use. I actually like that I can right my content in Markdown now.

Bring WordPress content to 11ty

My blog exists since 2011(!). While many of the posts aren't that good anymore, I still want to keep them. ^^ I'm glad, there are solutions to export WordPress content and convert it to Markdown, so I can use it on my 11ty site. wordpress-export-to-markdown worked pretty great for me.

Update 2022-09-01: Imported posts from Neue.St

I did run two separated blogs: LGK Blog and Neue.St. Since I decided to not WordPress anymore anywhere, I think it might be a good thing, to bring the posts of both blogs together for this new SSG blog.

With wordpress-export-to-markdown it was pretty easy, to convert Neue.St's posts to Markdown as well.

So all content is now combined in this blog.

Update 2022-10-24: Added Webpack and moved posts to /blog

I'm now planning to make this 11ty site to my main site. is currently running with PHP and its frontend is a React SPA. I want to get away of being forced to have a PHP-compatible web server. And I like 11ty, so I want to bring all other segments of my website to this code project.

As a first step, I moved all blog post content to the sub folder /blog. This will bring some more structure. Unfortunately this might break some older links that point to the old URLs. But I also added a 404 page which will help visitors to get to the right article:

404 page with advice

I also added some more tools. Webpack is nice to bundle my JavaScript and CSS files and some more asset files. I replaced the pretty simplified CSS framework chota.css with a customized Bootstrap. With PurgeCSS only necessary CSS code will be excluded to the final CSS file for the website.

The story continues

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